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The Raspberry Pi has taken the world by storm, and it is one of the most popular single board computers available in the market. We’ve all seen videos and articles of people making interesting toys and projects out of it.

But have you seen the people who are making lakhs of rupees with commercial products built on the Raspberry Pi? Well attend this conference and not only will you see these people, they will also teach you how you can make a commercial product with the Raspberry Pi — and sell it successfully!

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Some Sessions:

1. Opening session by Ravi Pagar, managing director, Element14

2. BrickPi: Lego Bricks with the Raspberry Pi Heart

3. Innovations for the 21st Century using a Raspberry Pi

4. How to create cost-effective commercial solutions with the Raspberry Pi

5. How to use a Raspberry Pi and MATLAB for real-time image processing

6. Innovations for the 21st Century using a Raspberry Pi

7. Making R-Pi designs that sell: How we made USD $1,27,500 in 40 days!




The NIMHANS Convention Centre is one of the best conference venues in Bangalore.

With three large capacity auditoriums, spacious exhibition area for sponsors and plenty of open space for conference attendees to interact and hack, the venue can conveniently hold 1,500 people without the space appearing crowded.

The Convention Centre is on Marigowda Road, past the mainNIMHANS campus when you approach from Dairy Circle.


NIMHANS Convention Centre
NIMHANS Hospital Premises,
Hosur Road / Marigowda Road, (Lakkasandra, Wilson Garden)
Bangalore, Karnataka 560029


Near Dairy Circle

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